Our approach

We like to make things simple. We understand that buying a new build house is a scary prospect. It’s a lot of money - we get that. So we try to make the process of getting into your new home as painless as possible.

The chat

We love to talk about our homes with potential clients. We like to show off - because we are proud of our homes. We will talk you through what happens when you buy one of our homes, how long the process will take and what choices you get to make. Best of all, you can see computer images of the finished product and plot, so you can get an idea of what your views will be.

The details

Because you have chosen a bespoke home, you get to make choices. Lots of them. From the tile finishes down to the wall colours, you can introduce as much of your personality into your home as you want. Of course, if you want us to make all the choices, we’ve got pretty good taste so we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

The finance and legal stuff

Yep, this is the tricky bit. Buying a house is a legal process that involves conveyances and some lengthy chats with your bank manager. But don’t worry, we've done it all before and will walk you through the whole thing. Any questions about what comes next? Just ask.

The move-in

Once the build is complete and checked by us, you will get your keys and are free to move in as soon as you want. Along with your keys you get the NHBC 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

We are still here for you

Even after you have moved in, we are still here to help you iron out any last minute snagging issues. Even the best builds will have minor issues to rectify and we do our best to sort them out before you move in. But if we miss anything, give us a bell. We’ll sort it.

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